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Tea-Pot Bird House

Do you have a tea-pot that has a crack, chip or missing the lid?  Why not make a bird house !!  If you follow my blog, you know I am addicted to this drill bit by Hitachi, found at your local hardware store.  This drill bit works great on ceramics and glass and comes in many sizes, and it seems to never dull, my bits are about 3 years old.


Supplies needed:

  • Teapot
  • Drill Bit
  • Water (optional)
  • Moss

I drill ceramics and glass under water, keeps the bit cool and avoids cracks and breakage.  I also like to put a piece of packing tape on the area I am going to drill, so the bit doesn’t slip off my target.  I drilled a hole in the bottom of the tea-pot and added some nesting material, moss, and hung from a tree.  I had my binoculars ready, waiting for my new friends to move in and one moved in, but not what I expected.  How did he get in there?



Last August I posted another use for your tea-pots in the garden, I couldn’t wait to bring it back out this year.

Have an ugly stump in your yard?  Why not use it for a planter?


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Boots, boots and more boots !!

I have to admit, when I first saw childrens rubber boots at my local Goodwill, I didn’t pay much attention to them.  Since I go to Goodwill at least once a week, I started to see more and more boots, some in pretty colors with great designs, especially one pair with barbie polka dots.  I saw a post of Pinterest where someone used them as planters and hung them on their picket fence, and I couldn’t get back to Goodwill quick enough !!  I drilled holes in the bottom, put layer of stone for drainage and then planted them.  I couldn’t stop at 1 pair, or 2 pair, or 6……Image

I love creating little settings throughout my yard, a bench here, a chair there and why not add a boot or 2, or 5?  lol




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DIY Bird Feeder


I found this tutorial on Pinterest, and instantly had to try it.  I ran to my local Lowe’s to pick up the supplies needed and attempted to create one.  I used my favorite drill bit to drill holes in the plates and bowls.


Now to the fun part, assembling the bird feeder.  This is where I had a problem with the tutorial on Pinterest, a carriage bolt is not totally threaded, so I returned to Lowe’s and bought a threaded rod.  The rod worked out perfectly, I just needed and extra nut and washer to replace the end of the carriage bolt. !!!  This project uses 1 threaded rod, 4 washers,  4 nuts, and some nylon cord to hang it with.  I had the plates and bowl in a closet, so I only had to purchase the hardware, total cost approx $3.00.

I love the way it came out and I plan on making more.