fabric-tied wreath

My blogging friend Pillows A-La-Mode posted a fabric-tied wreath on her blog, she has made one for every season and they are just too cute!  After I made my fabric-tied lampshade, I decided to make a wreath to match.

I followed her directions,  and it was simple to make.

Supplies needed:

  • fabric, I used old sheets
  • scissors
  • metal hanger
  • measuring tape or ruler

I picked  5 different sheets and cut a piece of cardboard 3 in wide.  I wrapped the fabric around the cardboard and cut one side.  You can use a ruler and cut strips 1×3, but I thought the cardboard would be easier for me.  I bent the hanger in a circle and used a big pot bottom as a gauge to form the circle.  I wrapped the handle with fabric and then tied the fabric on the wreath.  The wreath took 25 strips of 5 different fabrics to make a full wreath.


This wreath was fun and I look forward to making more, thank you Pillows 🙂



Rag Shabby Country Lampshade

I found the cutest pair of lamps at Goodwill, they were two different sizes, marble base and pink glass.  I purchased them for a super cheap price, 4 dollars a pair!  The minute I saw them, I knew what I wanted to do with them, a rag shabby country lampshade.

I have never made a rag shade, so I documented with pictures how I made them.

Supplies needed:

  • rag sheet yarn or fabric strips
  • lampshade
  • lamps
  • scissors
  • ruler or yardstick

I removed the fabric from the lampshade, exposing the lamp frame.  Make sure your lampshade has a top and bottom ring, attached by sides.  I cut a strip of fabric and tied it on the top frame and on the bottom frame and measured the strip for a template.  I chose 4 different fabric colors and cut strips.

That’s it !  The fabric is bright and happy and the rag edges are relaxed and carefree, giving it a very shabby country feel.  I can’t wait to get started on the second shade, the only problem is, where should I put them, lol….

mission accomplished !

I have been on a mission to find a great pattern for a heart rug, I posted the other day with my failed attempts, all 5, and I attempted again yesterday morning and failed.  I found a pattern last night and it looked perfect, so attempt number 7 began !  I bought the pattern on etsy, which I swore I would never do, but it was the best 5.99 I have ever spent.  Kelli wrote the pattern for beginners, and it was very easy to understand.

Since this is my first time doing the pattern, the rug is a little irregular, but I am excited to begin another one.  I picked up 4 sets of beautiful sheets at Goodwill yesterday for 2.25 a set, so I know what my nights are going to be spent doing, lol, making sheet yarn.

Thank you to all of my blogging friends who sent me links for heart rugs, you really are the best !

on a mission…….

I have been on a mission for several day, I want to make a heart rag rug ! During my mission, I have only found a few patterns that were free, all the great patterns are for sale on etsy or ebay. I tried a few of the patterns and something wasn’t right…….. probably an error on my part. I don’t have any yarn in the house, just rag yarn, ropes, twine and polycord, and I only have huge crochet hooks, I am sure that played a part in the errors.

Before this week, I knew 2 crochet stitches, single crochet and slip stitch, but this mission has expanded my knowledge. who knew there were so many? Double, half double, triple and the mother of all stitches, the quadruple stitch……seriously? I did finish 6 tutorials, thank goodness I have dual monitors. I followed the pattern on one, and looked up the terms on the other, sometimes watching a video to learn instruction.

I have enjoyed this mission, even though it is incomplete. I have a new admiration for people that crochet, anyone in my neck of the woods want to give me some private lessons?




my new favorite rag rug

I love the charm of rag rugs, I already have 5 in my house, but I found a space for another.  Isn’t there always room for one more?  I was in the “mood” to crochet this weekend while watching the finales of a few of my favorite shows, Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives.  I picked out colors that would match my bedroom and started to make some yarn from sheets, if you haven’t seen my video, here are the instructions.

My new rug measures about 38 inches and took about 3 full flat sheets.  My favorite part to rag rugs from sheets is that they are machine washable and very durable, and they are not sewn together, so no threading to break and repair.

I purchased the sheets at my local Goodwill at the amazing price of 9.99 for 3 full sets, making this project cost about 5 dollars.  What can you buy for 5 dollars today?




A close-up of the pretty colors 🙂

rag rug coasters

I love the look of rag rugs as much as I like making them.  I attempted making a rag purse and failed, but I am very pleased with my seat cushions, so why not coasters?

I start with a rag ball, instructions are here, of repurposed sheets and crochet in the round until they reach the desired size.  That’s it !  The charm with crocheting, rather than braiding, is that they will last a very long time, no sewing a long braid, and they wash in my washing machine very well.

Aren’t they cute 🙂

just another rag rug :)

I love the way a rag rug looks, when you crochet the rug, instead of braid, it is one continuous piece, no sewing, and they wash in the machine very well.  I love the way they feel under my feet, especially when they are made of old cotton sheets.  I already have 5 rag rugs in my house, so I finished this one today to give away, and today is my bff’s birthday, so she is the recipient.  I think the rug will look great with the fabric hangers I made this morning.

I am new to crochet, there are blemishes in the rugs, but I will look back in the years to come and remember the process of practice makes perfect.

Hanger Makeover

I was looking in my closet the other day, and my ugly plastic hangers were staring back at me.  I’ve seen pictures of crocheted hangers, fabric covered and painter hangers and thought…..I have storage bins of balls of sheets, why not try that?  Today is my friend Nancy’s birthday, and she has been the recipient of my projects since I was a teenager, so I thought I would make her a few.  I just used simple plastic hangers, a glue gun to tack the start and end and a long strip of sheets.  I like the way these came out and will definitely be making many more !!

hanger makeover

How to make yarn from sheets


Making yarn from old sheets is a great way to repurpose something that you might otherwise throw away or use for rags. Weaving and crocheting with sheets is tons of fun and goes very fast because you use a large crochet hook.  I have tried knitting in the past and found that I got bored with it, I have never tried to crochet before and never planned on it until………..I was at the hairdressers and one of the hairdressers at the salon brought in a rug she had just finished and set in on the floor for everyone to see, I was blown away !!!  I asked Dar if I could take a picture and the craziness began.  I watched 1001 videos on how to crochet, ran to Walmart and bought a large hook and dug out some old sheets.

My first rug
My 2nd rug
In the bathroom
In my office, the largest rug I have made
First attempt at a pillow and my bad attempt at a purse 🙂

I have washed the rugs in the machine several times and only one came unraveled a bit, but it was easy to fix.  The hardest part of making the rugs is making the yarn, it is very time consuming, but fun to do while you are watching tv.  I have found some amazing sheets at my local Goodwill for a few dollars and my good friend Val has just given me a beautiful collection and the colors are amazing.  Thanks Val 🙂  My friend Dar makes the most amazing purses, I will have to take a picture and share with everyone.  Dar is also the one who started my addiction, thanks Dar 🙂

Last picture is my first attempt at making seat cushions, I was really happy with the way they came out !!

not bad for learning how to crochet 2 months ago, lol.

If you are interested in learning how to make your own yarn from sheets, here is a how to video…

How to make yarn from sheets