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On a Roll……again

We all have them, and most people throw them away…..  I am talking about toilet paper rolls again, lol.  I posted about making stars using them, and went a bit crazy in my house.  I decorated the fireplace, over the cupboards and in wreaths, glittered stars everywhere.  I saw a blog on making Faux Metal Wall Art, and thought I would give it a try.

You may have to look twice at some of these, I am amazed at what you can do with TP rolls, spray paint and a glue gun.  I had a frame from the dollar store, and a dollar can of spray paint from Lowe’s, total cost for all 3 projects, 2 dollars !!





16 thoughts on “On a Roll……again

  1. I save everyone’s toilet paper rolls lately as the grand kids love to craft with them. I’m going to have to try the last one and maybe the one in the picture frame as they are really gorgeous.

  2. This looks awesome … But I can’t figure out how to fold the toilet paper rolls and get these shapes, in lost. Help.

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