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On a Roll…………..

I have very dark areas in my house, it is that awkward space between the cupboards and your ceiling, and I am always looking for ways to brighten them up.  I always have mini lights lit, or my kitchen looks like a cave and I decorated with some branches that were laying in my yard, but I wanted something else, something sparkly.  I save toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls, so I thought I would make snowflakes and hang them from the branches.

Muffin Tin Mom has a great tutorial and they are super easy to make.  I first followed her directions and cut them 3/4 in, but decided I wanted them thinner, so I cut them in half.  I spray painted them and then sprayed with glitter, and hung them on the branches.  I only painted eight of them, I wanted to see how I liked them, and I do!!  I have thirty more cut out and glued, I am thinking about spraying them gold or silver and see which I like best.

These snowflakes turn out so pretty and festive no one will ever know they are made from a recycled toilet paper roll.



Looking 10 ft up
Looking 10 ft up






12 thoughts on “On a Roll…………..

  1. These are simple & elegant! My 9 yr old daughter & I have been looking for this kind of crafts project to do for Christmas! Thanks Liz!

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