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All Bottles in a Row

I love, LOVE lighted wine bottles.  I posted a how to video in August on how to make a wine bottle light, I wanted a few for my kitchen window. Thanks to my wonderful friends who give me their recycling, I had collected a wide assortment of beautiful bottles.  The bottles ranged from blue Flex wine, Saratoga sparkling water, to Tequila and Rum bottles.  I was feeling ambitious one day and drilled holes in all of them and added lights.  As I was adding lights to each bottle, I was like a kid at Christmas, mesmerized by the lights, and the beauty that each bottle gave off when lit.   I love the dramatic visual they created all lined up.

Dig out your bottles and  follow my previous post.  Not only will you get a dramatic display, you get another excuse to buy more wine, too. *wink*



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