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Decorating with bittersweet? almost….

I planted many bittersweet plants almost 20 years ago so I could have my own supply to decorate with.  For some reason, I didn’t get a single berry this year, and that is a first.  I always decorate my fireplace with branches of bittersweet, it seems like such a “fall” thing to do, grapevine and bittersweet throughout the house, pops of orange and yellow.  I was in a big dilemma, too late to wax leaves, they are already off the trees, decorations are so expensive……..and then it came to me !!

I was eating candy corn, you know that pure sugar treat that comes out once a year, and it had all of the colors I wanted.  I ran outside, cut down a bunch of branches and wired them together, and pulled out the glue gun and started gluing them on.  If you look closely, it doesn’t look like bittersweet, but from a distance?  Works for me.

add lights, wish they had brown wire….

and the finished product…

I was unable to take a bright picture,  it has been cloudy here in the northeast forever, and with the log walls, it never gets really bright.

What do you think?  Keep it or eat it?  lol





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