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repurposed tin can caddy

My Thanksgiving always starts out with appetizers, and we love our appetizers…..almost as much as the meal.  I have a table set up just for them, and I am always looking for a different way to place flatware on the table.

At Walmart and your local craft stores they sell scrapbook paper for under a dollar a sheet.  I picked out several sheets and cut them to fit the size of the tin cans.  I always save all of my tin cans, so I chose 3 different sizes and glued the outside with the scrapbook paper.  I didn’t care for the inside showing, so I also glued paper on the inside.  I tied all three cans together with twine and now you have a decorative way to have flatware on your table.

Now isn’t that a great way to use your junk? Go dig those cans out of the recycling bin and put this caddy together, it won’t take you more than a 1/2 hour to make.

I’ve got some great posts coming up this month, so be sure to check back !



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