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Silver Spoon Rings

Back in the 1970’s, spoon rings were all the rage. They were very popular at flea markets and craft sales, they seem to be making a comeback.  If you follow my blog, you already know that I love to bend silver-plate flatware, and when my blogging buddy Pillows A-La-Mode asked if I knew how to make them, I decided to blog about them.  I didn’t have any rings to take a picture of them, so I spent time in my workshop this evening making a few.  I used a full sized spoon for one ring and a pickle fork for another.

You don’t have to have an appreciation of the 1970’s to enjoy the rings. Spoon ring patterns range from simple to ornate, from delicate to sturdy, depending on the type of spoon or fork used.  Best of all, these rings are relatively simple and inexpensive to make.



13 thoughts on “Silver Spoon Rings

  1. this takes me back! although yours are much prettier than the one i had that would consistently turn my finger green….my daughter just pulled out my “penny” ring from that era the other day…remember those?

  2. I don’t remember them from my youth in the 70’s. Back home in Germany it was all Mood rings and hippie type stuff. First I ever heard of Spoon rings when I came across them on the Internet.

      1. Oops . . . I don’t paint either! But I’ll bet you can find a blogging friend who does! 🙂

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