Good Neighbor Award


Pillows A-La-Mode celebrated her 1 year anniversary of blogging on WordPress with an award and a giveaway.

She wrote…Since I’ve discovered how many people around the world I’d love to have for next-door neighbors, I’d like to celebrate with a new award and giveaway!  Please nominate a WordPress blogger (or lots of them!) for the “Good Neighbor Award” in an email  (to keep it a surprise!), including a link to the blog and why you’d like this blogger to live next door. To cook/sew/craft/shop/write together? To learn to do something new? To be inspired? To visit over a cup of tea? Nominees will receive the award button, The person with the MOST nominations will be invited to send me a formerly-loved garment that I’ll make into some fun treasures (a-la “What can you make with a flannel shirt?” or “What can you make with a lace tank?” or “What can you make with a polo shirt?“) and return.

I’m so incredibly honored to be among the nominees, warmest thanks to the person who nominated me, and congratulations to all who made the list!  A big congrads to Kelly, the big winner, if you haven’t been to her blog, take the time, you will thank me 🙂

Katherine, thank you for showing everyone what a true “good neighbor” really is.


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