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on a mission…….

I have been on a mission for several day, I want to make a heart rag rug ! During my mission, I have only found a few patterns that were free, all the great patterns are for sale on etsy or ebay. I tried a few of the patterns and something wasn’t right…….. probably an error on my part. I don’t have any yarn in the house, just rag yarn, ropes, twine and polycord, and I only have huge crochet hooks, I am sure that played a part in the errors.

Before this week, I knew 2 crochet stitches, single crochet and slip stitch, but this mission has expanded my knowledge. who knew there were so many? Double, half double, triple and the mother of all stitches, the quadruple stitch……seriously? I did finish 6 tutorials, thank goodness I have dual monitors. I followed the pattern on one, and looked up the terms on the other, sometimes watching a video to learn instruction.

I have enjoyed this mission, even though it is incomplete. I have a new admiration for people that crochet, anyone in my neck of the woods want to give me some private lessons?





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