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Rainbow Suncatcher failed project….

I love bright colors in the windows, especially with the cold weather coming, it just brightens my day to see the sun shine in with colors.



While browsing Pinterest, I saw a tutorial on rainbow suncatchers from recycled plastic cups, perfect !! Or so I thought. I followed this tutorial to the letter, or so I think? I don’t use plastic anything, so I made a trip to the dollar store, they had beautiful blue, green and purple cups, as well as clear. I cut the bottoms out, poked the holes, set on parchment paper and pre-heated the oven. I pulled up a chair and waited for the magic to begin, while I stared into my oven, I think I need a life.

The instructions said it takes about 2 minutes, 2 minutes? I must have done something wrong.. 5 minutes, nothing…….10 minutes….nothing……..15 minutes? I went outside and checked the gauge on my propane tank, full. 20 minutes, seriously? I took them out at 30 minutes and they weren’t disks, just drooping cups. I don’t like to give up, so I tried some Pink Solo Cups I had in my pantry, prepared them and in 2 minutes, I had disks !!


The disks didn’t look like theirs, my edges were all curled, fail number 2. Still persistent to finish something, I took the circles I cut out and placed them, overlapping, in a wreath pattern, thinking they would melt together and I would have a pretty pink wreath. Wrong again, they curled up, almost like straws. Fail number 3.

I give up !! I am going to keep the pieces, maybe I can use them for something. Has anyone tried this and succeeded? Please share any tips you have.


9 thoughts on “Rainbow Suncatcher failed project….

  1. I wonder if you had the right plastic? I hear that it has to be #6 plastic, it’s the same stuff shrinky dinks are made from.. I havent tried it, but from what I gather, it has to be number six or it wont work. Maybe it’s the picture, but your cups look a bit “cloudy” whereas a six plastic will be very clear. Im glad you posted a fail, cause usually, everyone only posts what does work. I like the fails too, so I can learn from others. Thanks for doing this. Love Rook

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