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I Got a Gift in the Mail!

One day  I was paroozing through Blogger Land and came across this SUPER AWESOME BLOG, thehighnotedotnet, and I immediately fell in love with her awesome skills and do it yourself tutorials!  Once you visit her blog–you will want to make sure to put her on your list of favorite blogs–AND become a follower! Tell her I sent you 🙂

She had a contest, with a give-away of a mug rug, and I had to enter. Guess what, I WON !! The mug rug is gorgeous, and the fabric choices are amazing and vivid, both front and back. The center of the quilt is featuring the definition of “Blessed”. There are 2 tags attached hat are made out of cute paper, and a thank you note on very pretty stationary.

I am still thinking about where to put the mug rug…. I was thinking of framing it, but the beautiful back would be lost…….. I could put it on my end table and pray that nobody uses it……..decisions, decisions, lol If you haven’t been to her Etsy Shop, My Five Little Peppers, stop and take a look, you will fall in love with her work.

I just wanted to say a special Thank You for my awesome gift!  Not many people would go to all the time and hassle to send such a nice gift to a total stranger.


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