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Distressed Look Painting Technique

I love Shabby Country !  The rustic elegance, the markings on the wood to show its design and the muted hues with a pop of color.

I usually use repurposed frames, but I fell in love with these frames at the dollar store.  They had a definite pattern that I knew would look great distressed.

Distressed looking furniture that seems to be the product of years of neglect can really add a lot of charm and character to certain decorating styles, such as Old World, country, cottage, French provincial or shabby chic. Distressed painting is fairly easy to do,and can be very authentic looking. One technique that is inexpensive and simple, and requires nothing more than basic painting supplies and a candle.




Supplies needed:

  • picture frame
  • candle
  • 2 colors of paint
  • 2 brushes


Apply the base coat.  I usually paint 2 to 3 coats, but I wanted the silver to come through, so I only painted it with one coat of white.  Let the paint dry thoroughly.
I then rubbed the wax in random areas where I thought it would wear naturally.  Remember to rub firmly, leaving wax behind.
Apply your second coat of paint, I used a light green paint and applied 2 coats.  Allow paint to thoroughly dry.  The waxy areas should be evident.
When the paint is dry, sand the waxed areas off with a fine grade paper, exposing the layer underneath.  Variations to this technique are endless, adding multiple layers of color, making it appear that the piece has been painted several times, or painting it a dark color, showing the technique even more.  I prefer muted hues, but that is just my shabby taste.
Wipe your project with a damp cloth and you are done, easy as that !

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