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my new favorite rag rug

I love the charm of rag rugs, I already have 5 in my house, but I found a space for another.  Isn’t there always room for one more?  I was in the “mood” to crochet this weekend while watching the finales of a few of my favorite shows, Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives.  I picked out colors that would match my bedroom and started to make some yarn from sheets, if you haven’t seen my video, here are the instructions.

My new rug measures about 38 inches and took about 3 full flat sheets.  My favorite part to rag rugs from sheets is that they are machine washable and very durable, and they are not sewn together, so no threading to break and repair.

I purchased the sheets at my local Goodwill at the amazing price of 9.99 for 3 full sets, making this project cost about 5 dollars.  What can you buy for 5 dollars today?




A close-up of the pretty colors 🙂


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