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crayon art……try 2, 3…

At first if you don’t succeed, try, try again and again and again?

I appreciate all of the comments and help, and I spent the morning trying them all.  I froze the crayon, fail, changed the slant of the canvas, fail, and now for the fun part……the glue gun !!!

I dug out my old glue guns, one high temp, one low temp and tried to put a crayon in them.  The fit was tight, but I was prepared, I had read that it would be, but what I didn’t read is that they break easily, and they did.  The glue guns are loaded, crayons inserted, and I was watching them heat up, anxiously waiting to practice.  As soon as I put my finger on the trigger, it shot out like a volcano, shooting melted crayon across my desk, the floor, and on to my hand-made rag rug.  Funny thing is, it missed the newspaper I had layed out to carefully cover the areas around the canvas.  I would normally do this type of project outside, but it was raining all day, and I really wanted to work on this.  Glue gun, fail !!

My solder iron has a paddle attachment, and it is very useful when I make custom candles, so I brought that out and decided to see how the crayons would melt.  I liked how easy it was to control the drips, and decided to try it.  Now that I have bored everyone with details of my morning, here is the finished project.


I am looking forward to making another one, and I would like to thank Light&spoon for their post that inspired me to keep going.


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