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project gone wrong…

I know the crayon art has been done to death, but I haven’t attempted it yet.  I read a dozen or so how to posts, set up my work area, and was excited to get started.  All the posts agreed on what supplies you needed, canvas, glue gun, crayons and a blow dryer.  Some kept the wrappers on, some didn’t, and everyone used Crayola crayons.  I am all set, or so I thought.

Try one….

I glued the crayons on, with the wrapper, and turned the blow dryer on.  I could see the crayons begin to melt and set the canvas on an angle so they would flow down. I was expecting the pretty flow pattern that others had, but instead I had a thick river of melted crayon.  I definitely did not like what was happening, so I gave this one a fail and set it to the side.

Try two…..

I got back on the internet and found this wonderful video, so I was up for the challenge again.  I reset the work area, glued the crayons on, this time without the wrappers, and back outside I went with my blow dryer.   I was very surprised at how fast they melted and with my the power of my blow dryer, it splattered everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  I kept the nozzle close, thinking I could control the flow, but I couldn’t. I am covered in crayon, my grass is covered in crayon, you paint the picture, lol.

I would appreciate any suggestions that would help me create a successful piece of crayon art.


15 thoughts on “project gone wrong…

    1. if you use a glue gun, I’d suggest getting a glue gun just for crayons! I’ve still got a little bit of crayon in mine

  1. Not that I have tried it but could it be that
    A) you had the canvas at a wrong angle
    B) you held the dryer to close and had the setting to high so they melted to fast and C) does the canvas maybe need prepping first…IE Gesso or something like that?
    only suggestions thought….

  2. I tried these with a friend of mine. They were a tad messier than we expected too lol. She used the glue gun and it turned out well, but it was really hard and messy. You definitely want to use a glue gun that you won’t need for anything else. I used the hair dryer and it turned out okay too, but not like the pictures. I held the dryer above the crayons and pointed down. It was still messy. I’m not sure why didn’t turn out perfect, but those are my experiences. I’ve thought about doing this project again and using the sun to melt the crayons. Less work, should be less mess, and electricity free, so if you have enough sun or a hot enough environment then I think it would be a fun try. Can’t wait for your updates.

    1. thanks for the help, the videos online looked so easy, who would have thought, lol. I am excited to try with the glue gun today, I am working on a silhouette to go under the drips, I have seen quite a few on etsy and they are very cute.

  3. I don’t think you really failed with either versions. Some times the colors of crayons can be unpredictable and the placing is key. If you have dark colors surrounding a light colored crayon then it’ll get covered up. I recently just did melted crayon art, pictures are posted in my Summer Craft Projects post, and one of the pictures is of a rainy day. As I glued the crayons on I tried clumping the light colored crayons together. Also the removing the wrappers was one thing I kept debating but in the end it gives the melting wax more guidance and I think it helps them flow down straight.

      1. Oh, I just found you post regarding crayon art try 2 and 3. I’ve been wanting to use a hot glue gun too but I don’t want to ruin my good one I have right now, so maybe later. Love the pets under the umbrella.

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