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shabby magnet message board

I enjoyed painting yesterday so much, I painted again this morning.  I picked out some white paint from my collection and decided to add a bit of non-sanded ground, to give it that chalk look.  I used a tray from the dollar store, and decided to drill two holes to add a ribbon hanger, thank you Zest it Up for the idea !

The project came out ok, not one of my favorites, the paint didn’t mix well with the grout, I guess using latex house paint wasn’t a good idea, lol, showing brush strokes and becoming very thick.  I made some magnets out of buttons and beads, just for fun.

Even though it isn’t one of my favorites, I had fun making it and learned a few valuable lessons.  Even a bad project is better than not having a project at all…..


6 thoughts on “shabby magnet message board

  1. You can send me this board! 😉 very cute! I looked for the grout today but never found it but I also didn’t look very hard…. Next time!

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