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plastic spoon flowers

I  know, who thinks up these things?  Did someone look at a plastic spoon, have a candle lit, and decided to make a plastic spoon rose?  I saw this wonderful YouTube video on how to do it, and had to make one.  I had a package of dollar store spoons, lit a candle and attempted my first few petals.  I have to admit, a few started on fire and I melted a hole in a couple.  After I practiced, it started to take shape, and I was very happy with the results.  To look at it, you would never guess that it was made of plastic spoons, almost looks porcelain.

Next time I entertain and have some plastic spoons left over, I will save them and make flowers.  They will look great as a bow, or on an envelope.  Isn’t it fun being green?  I wish I was the person who thought this one up.


8 thoughts on “plastic spoon flowers

  1. I saw this on a “Pinstrosity” site, where the people that tried failed miserably! not surprised you were able to be successful with it! looks wonderful!

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