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make a teapot lamp

Do you have mismatched china, or a teapot without a lid?  Why not make a lamp?  I saw an article on Pinterest on how to rewire a thrift store lamp, and thought I would give it a shot.  I went to Lowe’s and bought a lamp kit, about $8.00, and a lampshade at Target for about $8.00.  I drilled a hole through 2 plates, a teacup, bowl and a teapot, and wired the lamp.

It is really simple to wire a lamp, the only hard part was securing it to the cup.  When I glued the china parts together, I covered the top of the cup with a lid of a bell jar, to secure the top pf the lamp.  My first few lamps are a bit wobbly on top, but I have improved, and have 2 to make for gifts.

My favorite part of making lamps is how creative you can be.

The finished product sits on my bedside table, where it adds a cheerful touch to the room.


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