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Antique Spoon Keychain

My good friend Val showed me her spoon keychain last year, and I instantly fell in love with them.  Val is also one of my “auction” buddies, so she is well aware of my silver-plate addiction.   I couldn’t wait to go on my workbench and figure out how they were made.  I had to make a few today, since I can never keep one in the house, everyone wants one.

As these are vintage pieces, some may have very minor signs of “character” adding to their charm.

Imagine what these spoons have “seen”, some were around before cars, electricity and indoor plumbing! It makes you wonder who may have held these spoons, could it have been someone that played an important part of our history? All the family and Holiday dinners these pieces attended, during a time when there were no electronic items ringing, buzzing and beeping during mealtime. They carry within them part of the past, a quieter and more restful period and perhaps by having one, it will remind you to take a breath and slow down– if even for only a moment.



8 thoughts on “Antique Spoon Keychain

  1. I love these! It’s a good thing I didn’t see this somewhere like Etsy, I would’ve ordered a dozen after reading this post!

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