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fork napkin rings

I found a set of 12 pickle/olive forks at an auction last year and instantly fell in love with them.  I knew I couldn’t make a bracelet out of them, they were too small, so I was thinking I could make fork rings.  I put them with the rest of my silverplate collections and decided to wait on a project.  A few weeks later I found a set of ten small spoons at a cute antique store in Gloversville.  I knew instantly what I wanted to do with them, napkin rings !!

We always have holiday dinners at our house, and I spend weeks planning how I am going to set the table, this was going to make it perfect !


4 thoughts on “fork napkin rings

  1. These are just great. When I saw your utensil posts my heart skipped a beat! How easy or hard are they to bend. Is there a trick?

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