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DIY Apothecary Jars

Who doesn’t love the look of apothecary jars !  I just don’t love the price !!  When you go to throw that empty sauce jar, pickle jar, salsa jar or any jar, stop yourself.  You can turn your jar into an apothecary jar for less than a dollar.

Here is where it starts, the jars….

You will need some spray paint, I used what I had around the house.  You can purchase spray paint at Lowe’s for .99 cents (black and white) or at some dollar stores.  You will need some knobs, I pick them up at garage sales and also at my local Yankee Dollar ( 2/ $1.00), a screwdriver or awl and a hammer.

I tried different colors, repainted them a few times, I wasn’t a fan of the brown or white, so I repainted them.

These will be wonderful in an office with paperclips, a bathroom with cotton balls, a counter top with candy.  Use your imagination and post what you have created.  Isn’t it fun being green 🙂


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