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Teacup curtain tie-back

It is always important to discover your own style, one that makes a statement about yourself.  I have never been one to have the popular cookie cutter look, I would rather express myself genuinely, finding a lasting satisfaction.

I saw a posting on my wall today, someone had “liked” a post of Pinterest, a teacup curtain tie-back.  I knew instantly that it was for me, and any reason to fire up my drill with my favorite diamond bit, is a good day !  After I thought about it, I had forgotten that I don’t have any tie-back curtains in my house. I went on with my day, laundry, cleaning…..and I noticed that I have a tie-back framing my towel shelves in the bathroom, project back on !!  I found a teacup with the colors of my bathroom, and if I say so myself, it is cute !


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