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New Life For Old Fork

I love breathing new life into salvaged items.  I saw a fork easel on sale last year on Etsy and went crazy last Christmas making them, I think everyone got an easel with a diy chalkboard tray.  All you need is an old silver or silver-plate fork, some needle-nose pliers and patience, a vice also helps!  Did I mention I love to bend silver-plate flatware, lol.  I have an entire bin of broken pieces, and I will post in the future with projects I have completed with them.

Here is the finished project, I think they are so cute !!


13 thoughts on “New Life For Old Fork

      1. paper quilling took me 3 hours and same with the watermelon. both which i won’t do again. just wanted to try it ONCE!!!!! 🙂 I had the watermelon on facebook and i was asked to carve one for a co-workers wedding (i said no) they are SO time consuming and don’t last more then a week

        what craft are you up to this weekend?

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