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Silverware Vase

By now you have all figured out that I love to take an item and turn it into something else.  I can spend days at my workbench, I have put a tv, phone and internet on my bench, so why not, lol.  One of my favorite things to do is play with my silver plate collection.  I saw a vase made out of a hollow knife and a bent spoon, so I thought I would give it a try.  The first 2 knives I sawed were not hollow, the 3rd was and the hollow part was full of sand, what a mess!!  The hardest part to making the vase was attaching the knife to the spoon, since I am a beginner at soldering, it was a challenge.  After many failed attempts, I decided to use epoxy and it seems to be holding well.  I would love to learn how to weld, but that has to be another day.  The vase is small, will hold a little water and a stem or two, but I love the way they look.


I have to laugh when I go silver plate shopping and I tap my ring on the knife to see if it is hollow.  The looks I get 🙂



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