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Easiest Design Transfer Method You’ll Ever Find

I am not an artist, and I can’t draw or paint, and believe me, I have tried.  I was playing with pickets from my friends old fence and wanted to draw the word “welcome” on it.  I don’t like the look of decals, so what to do?  I found this tutorial on Pinterest, so I thought I would give it a try.  I printed out my welcome design and taped it to my assembled pickets with a layer of heavy newsprint under it.  I used a pencil and went over the outline of my design.  I was afraid to lift up the paper and see my disaster, but it really worked !!  I then took a fine paint brush and a little black paint, and painted in the lines.

I have to admit, I didn’t think it would work, especially on rough painted wood, but it did.  I would do one thing differently,  I  think my design was too small for the sign, but I can always add more to it  Next time 🙂

Here is my question to all of you, what is your favorite way to transfer onto painted wood?


2 thoughts on “Easiest Design Transfer Method You’ll Ever Find

  1. Hello,
    An easy way and cleaner method, lol, is using tracing paper. Just trace the pattern right onto the tracing paper and you can see what you’re doing as well (I use a fine tip Sharpie marker). Then I copy the pattern onto my piece with carbon paper (carbon paper comes in many colors now so whatever color your background is just pick a carbon that is best suited to your project). Put the tracing paper with design over your project, place where you want it exactly, hold down the tracing paper and slip the carbon (carbon face down) between your project and under the tracing paper. Using a stylus (or a pencil if you don’t own a stylus) re-trace all the design onto your project, voila! It may take a little more time, but you have your design on a neat piece of paper and you can keep it and store it for another time. Love your blog!

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