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Repurpose a Mason jar as a soap or lotion dispenser in your bathroom or kitchen.

I like to buy dish and hand soap in large containers from my local Bj’s, it’s cheaper and you make fewer trips to the store.  I hate refilling plastic bottles, they get scratched and cloudy and look horrible, quickly.  I am a big fan of glass everything.  I don’t like drinking out of plastic or eating on paper or plastic, it is easy to wash a glass dish and a drinking glass and nothing has to be thrown away, isn’t that what “being green” is all about?  This project was perfect for me !  I etched the words hand and dish on the mason jars, but it does’t show up well.

Step One: First, measure and mark the center of the jar’s lid.

Step Two: Using a 1/2″ high-speed steel drill bit , drill a hole to fit the width of a soap dispenser pump. I used pumps from old soap bottles.

Step Three: Fill the jar with liquid soap, screw the lid back on, and insert the pump. You may need to trim the bottom of the pump to fit your jar.

Step Four: I glued the head of the dispenser with epoxy to make it stable.

Enjoy !!



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