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Cutting a bottle without tools

In my post from the other day, I mentioned I received over a dozen wine bottles from the freecycle in my area.  Being the Pinterest-aholic that I am, I couldn’t help but do a search on wine bottles.  One topic really interested me, how to cut a bottle without tools, really?  I grabbed all of the supplies and gave it a try, and it worked !!  I have to admit, I was surprised.

Here are the simple steps and supplies needed:

Supplies – safety glasses, nail polish remover (with acetone), container with COLD water, lighter, clean empty bottle and cotton string or yarn.

  1. Fill your bowl with COLD water (I added ice).
  2. Wrap your string around the bottle, I usually go 5x, and tie a knot, cutting off the extra.
  3. Slide the string off of the bottle.
  4. Soak the string in the nail polish remover, I use the cap.
  5. Slide the string back on the bottle, placing it where you would like the bottle cut, pay attention to the alignment !!
  6. Light the soaked string and continually rotate the bottle, keeping the fire burning on all of the string.
  7. When you see that the fire is about to go out, quickly put the bottle in the ice water.  You should hear the bottle crack!!

I can’t wait to make a wind chime and some pretty vases.  Since I only use flameless candles (my cat likes to catch his whiskers on fire), I could decorate the outside of the bottles with gems, colored mod podge, or pretty tissue paper, just to name a few…….

If you are like me, I like to learn from videos, and I am having fun making them on my Iphone, lol.  Here is a link to  the video:

cutting a bottle without tools

Share your ideas with me below !


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