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Wine bottle lights

I have been noticing tutorial on how to make lights out of wine bottle since last fall, but we never have wine bottles.  I saw a post in my local freecycle that someone was giving away a dozen bottles.  I was very lucky to be the recipient of those bottles, don’t you love generous people !!  I followed a few tutorials and they were ok, but the drill bits they were recommending didn’t seem big enough for the lights to go in smoothly and I was getting hairline splinters.  I decided to figure it out on my own and write my own tutorial.

Supplies needed…

Cordless drill, water, safety glasses, plumbers putty, a bottle, a strand of lights (I use 20ct. plug on just 1 end)  and a drill bit.  I used this drill bit, I have several others, but this one rocks !!

A few things to remember, let the drill bit do the work, make sure that there is always water on the area your drilling, wear safety glasses, use a cordless drill, and start drilling at an angle.  I hope the video helps 🙂  When you have completed the bottle, you feed the 1 ended plug lights into the bottle, plug in and enjoy !

wine bottle light how to video


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