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I give up !!

When I woke up this morning I decided I was going to cut a few holes in wine bottle and blog about it before I went to work.  I got everything together, bottles, lights, safety glasses, cordless drill and bit and plumbers putty, darn, where is my plumbers putty?  I can’t cut a hole in a wine bottle without it, and I know I lost it last month and bought another container?  I know I just used it last week, hmmm, where could I have put it?  I searched for an hour and then had to leave for the day, searched when I came home for an hour, prayed to St. Anthony, and still no plumbers putty.  OK, I give up, I will buy more…

Since I will be glued to my computer for hours tonight working, I decided to take a peek at Pinterest first, mistake !!  Someone posted a picture they had made using the program WordFoto and I thought it was pretty cool.  I went to the Apple store and they were charging $1.99 for it and I have a policy that I will never pay for an app, so I decided to do a search.  I found a program for ATypo Picture and it was free, which is my favorite word 🙂  It was very easy to use and I do like the results, could be a great ideas for holiday gifts !!

Maybe it was an omen that I couldn’t find the putty?

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Princess Fiona


One thought on “I give up !!

  1. I pinned that also, for the future!!! Thank you for sharing your FREE find.
    I may now have to play with it before work. No wonder I never get anything done!!

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