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Hanger Makeover

I was looking in my closet the other day, and my ugly plastic hangers were staring back at me.  I’ve seen pictures of crocheted hangers, fabric covered and painter hangers and thought…..I have storage bins of balls of sheets, why not try that?  Today is my friend Nancy’s birthday, and she has been the recipient of my projects since I was a teenager, so I thought I would make her a few.  I just used simple plastic hangers, a glue gun to tack the start and end and a long strip of sheets.  I like the way these came out and will definitely be making many more !!

hanger makeover

One thought on “Hanger Makeover

  1. Reblogged this on Living like an Erythrocyte and commented:
    When I saw this picture on Pillows-A-La-Mode I thought, “I MUST HAVE THIS PATTERN”. I’ve recently acquired some proper grown up dress pieces and that means they need to be hung on more delicate hangers so the shoulders don’t deform. I figured this pattern would be a little complex, like the wrap/weave technique my stepmother had shown me using balls of polyester rope something-or-other, but this is fabric, glue gun and go. Simple, my favorite.

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