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How to make yarn from sheets


Making yarn from old sheets is a great way to repurpose something that you might otherwise throw away or use for rags. Weaving and crocheting with sheets is tons of fun and goes very fast because you use a large crochet hook.  I have tried knitting in the past and found that I got bored with it, I have never tried to crochet before and never planned on it until………..I was at the hairdressers and one of the hairdressers at the salon brought in a rug she had just finished and set in on the floor for everyone to see, I was blown away !!!  I asked Dar if I could take a picture and the craziness began.  I watched 1001 videos on how to crochet, ran to Walmart and bought a large hook and dug out some old sheets.

My first rug
My 2nd rug
In the bathroom
In my office, the largest rug I have made
First attempt at a pillow and my bad attempt at a purse 🙂

I have washed the rugs in the machine several times and only one came unraveled a bit, but it was easy to fix.  The hardest part of making the rugs is making the yarn, it is very time consuming, but fun to do while you are watching tv.  I have found some amazing sheets at my local Goodwill for a few dollars and my good friend Val has just given me a beautiful collection and the colors are amazing.  Thanks Val 🙂  My friend Dar makes the most amazing purses, I will have to take a picture and share with everyone.  Dar is also the one who started my addiction, thanks Dar 🙂

Last picture is my first attempt at making seat cushions, I was really happy with the way they came out !!

not bad for learning how to crochet 2 months ago, lol.

If you are interested in learning how to make your own yarn from sheets, here is a how to video…

How to make yarn from sheets


10 thoughts on “How to make yarn from sheets

  1. OMG, I’ve seen a bit of this before but now I need to make a rug!!! Eeek!!!! What stitches did you use? I have a bed sheet that the dog chewed one corner….mmmm….this could work in my advantage!!! Great job on your projects!!!

    1. I used a simple increasing-rounds pattern and a simple double-crochet stitch, around and around and around. The first rug I made, I used a single stitch and I didn’t care for it. Make sure to post your finished products 🙂

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