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Boots, boots and more boots !!

I have to admit, when I first saw childrens rubber boots at my local Goodwill, I didn’t pay much attention to them.  Since I go to Goodwill at least once a week, I started to see more and more boots, some in pretty colors with great designs, especially one pair with barbie polka dots.  I saw a post of Pinterest where someone used them as planters and hung them on their picket fence, and I couldn’t get back to Goodwill quick enough !!  I drilled holes in the bottom, put layer of stone for drainage and then planted them.  I couldn’t stop at 1 pair, or 2 pair, or 6……Image

I love creating little settings throughout my yard, a bench here, a chair there and why not add a boot or 2, or 5?  lol





6 thoughts on “Boots, boots and more boots !!

  1. I love this! I too make little sections in my yard!!! I have a conversation area, pool area, beach area, garden area…you get where I’m going:) I don’t have a large yard, so I have to make special nooks where I can. I’m going to look for some of the boots! Thanks for sharing!!!

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