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DIY Bird Feeder


I found this tutorial on Pinterest, and instantly had to try it.  I ran to my local Lowe’s to pick up the supplies needed and attempted to create one.  I used my favorite drill bit to drill holes in the plates and bowls.


Now to the fun part, assembling the bird feeder.  This is where I had a problem with the tutorial on Pinterest, a carriage bolt is not totally threaded, so I returned to Lowe’s and bought a threaded rod.  The rod worked out perfectly, I just needed and extra nut and washer to replace the end of the carriage bolt. !!!  This project uses 1 threaded rod, 4 washers,  4 nuts, and some nylon cord to hang it with.  I had the plates and bowl in a closet, so I only had to purchase the hardware, total cost approx $3.00.

I love the way it came out and I plan on making more.


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