My obsession with landscape lighting

Anyone that has been to my house knows I am more than a little obsessed with outdoor night time lighting. Creating a fantasy and magical environment is fun, and I have found many household items make amazing garden lights.


I found this idea on Pinterest, and they were right, it is a humdinger, and I am in love with the finished product.  Who would have thought that old ceiling light globes + a strand of christmas lights can look so amazing.  I went shopping with my friend Val last week and we stopped at my favorite Goodwill and they had 2 globes ($4.00) there and they were calling my name.  It took every bit of energy that I had to not buy them and add more globe lights in my gardens.

I had 2 clear glass canisters sitting on a shelf in my basement and decided to spray some frosted paint on them and glue a dollar store solar light to the clear lid using 2 part epoxy and I love the way they turned out.


I would do a few things different !!  The 2 part epoxy didn’t hold up in the heat and came unglued, and the seal on the canisters is very tight and I am getting minor condensation.  When I figure out how to fix these 2 problems, I will make another set.  These will look great on my pallet floating table I am working on, hopefully it will be finished in 2 days 🙂


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