Garden Topiary

Everyone that knows me, knows I love my gardens.  I remember walking around town with my friends when I was young and seeing gardens filled with gazing balls and other “ornaments” and saying to my friends, I hope I never turn into that kind of person.  well, I have, I call myself queen of gaudy, but I love it.  When I saw a glass topiary on Pinterest, I had to have one.  I went through every cupboard and closet and dragged out all of the glassware I haven’t used in forever, even accepted donations from my wonderful friends, and after a trip, or 10, to my local Goodwill, I started to create one.  I played for weeks with stacking and colors and finally got out the 2-part epoxy and did it !!

Things I will change when I make the next one….

Plates and bowls should face down, so water doesn’t collect in them.  I will use a marine epoxy the next time, my epoxy turned a bit yellow when it cured.  Other than that, I love my garden topiary, especially at night with my landscape lights shining on it.Image


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